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Updated: Mar 20

Video: Brande Godsby

Harrison resident, Brande Godsby, spotted what appears to be a UFO in the skies of Harrison this past weekend.

Godsby was sitting on her porch Saturday when her husband noticed an orange flare of some medium in the darkened sky.

The object was flying slowly to the right in the video and then started to hover up and down then continued to the right.

Godsby posted this video to the North Idaho Life Facebook Group Page in request of some sort of explanation. More than 190 people commented on the page, including Jason Giddings, a member of the page.

Giddings said he and his daughter saw something similar to this about a year ago in Hayden, looking west toward Rathdrum. (See his video below)

Video: Jason Giddings

Others commented and suggested it may be a Chinese wishing lantern, a small hot air balloon that is often launched during festivals.

The Coeur d'Alene Press reports that three wishing lanterns were set off in Harrison around 5:30 pm for a memorial.

Whether it's a Chinese lantern or an alien from space, Godsby is hoping this video may reach the eyes of an expert to provide some sort of an answer.

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