St. Maries mayor proposes to hire a police chief | North Idaho News

Tom Carver - Courtesy: St. Maries Gazette Record

Tom Carver, St. Maries mayor, has proposed to hire a full-time police chief in the city.

The proposal comes after the town has paid $303,086.04 every year to the Benewah County Sheriff's Office for law enforcement and dispatch services.

“Just as every city needs code enforcement so does St. Maries and that is why we are proposing the reinstatement of a chief of police as a full-time position, with typical police duties, including enforcement of city codes,” Carver said in a letter to Sheriff Tony Eells.

Back in Dec., the St. Maries City Council voted to end its contract with the sheriff's office, breaking ties in Jun.

Carver also wants to discuss law enforcement coverage when the city officer is off-duty and dispatch fees associated with the number of calls.

“They want to pay less. I can’t do it for less. I have people I have to pay. And it doesn’t matter what we agree on there is going to be something else they want to renegotiate,” Eells told the St. Maries Gazette.

Carver continued, “We sincerely hope you will not see this as a threat to you or your department but as a positive move to peacefully coexist by helping to eliminate some of the burdens from your department."

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