Post Falls sex offender faces life in prison for not updating info | North Idaho News Now


Police say a registered sex offender from Post Falls failed to update his registration information and could face life in prison.

23-year-old Anthony J. Ruiz is charged with failure to update registration information which is a felony in the State of Idaho.

According to Idaho code, sex offenders are required to notify the county sheriff's office of any changes to their vehicle information.

Ruiz claims he did not see a need to notify the Kootenai Sheriff's Office because the vehicle he allegeldy purchased in March is not operatable.

Idaho code states there are no exceptions for cars that are not drivable. Police also said the vehicle appeared to be in driving condition.

Ruiz was arrested Saturday and is being held on a $5,000 bail.

This is his third felony. In Idaho, he can face a minimum of three years to life in prison.

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