Gov. Little: vaccine passports banned in Idaho | North Idaho News Now

Gov. Little during his announcement on Wednesday

Gov. Brad Little announced today that he signed an executive order banning governmental entities from requiring vaccine passports in the State of Idaho.

A vaccine passport is a record of COVID-19 vaccinations that will likely be needed to travel internationally in the near future. It has also been used to receive public services or access facilities.

"A trend is rising across the county," Gov. Litte said during his announcement. "I'm talking about vaccine passports. This restricts the free flow of commerce during a time when life and the economy are returning to normal."

Some states are exploring the creation of vaccine passports. The State of New York already rolled theirs out. It's called Excelsior Pass, which allows New Yorkers to upload their official results - from a number of different vaccination sites and labs - into the system to verify that the person holding the pass meets the standards to enter a venue for mass gatherings, according to Condé Nast Traveler.

"I have serious concerns that implementing COVID-19 vaccine passports will violate Idahoans’ medical privacy rights, prejudice those unable to receive the vaccine, slow our economic recovery, cause division among our populace, and, ultimately, be counterproductive to the widespread administration of the COVID-19 vaccines among Idahoans,” Gov. Little said.

So far half a million Idahoans have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

Gov. Little is urging Idahoans to choose to receive the vaccine to "protect lives and return life, schools, and the economy to normal."

Executive Order 2021-04 can be found at this link.

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