CDA man arrested for trafficking 10 pounds of pot | North Idaho News

A 39-year-old Coeur d'Alene man is now in jail after police said they found more than ten pounds of marijuana in his vehicle on Feb. 4.

Jesse R. Jackson was charged with trafficking marijuana, a felony in the State of Idaho. He was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor.

Jackson allegedly was yelling and throwing trash out of his car when police responded around 2:30 pm.

Once deputies arrived, they discovered marijuana leaves and other plant debris near his vehicle. After a search, police seized 10.25 pounds of marijuana.

Judge Clark Peterson ordered Friday that Jackson be held on $75,000 bail.

A person can serve a minimum of three years in prison and a minimum $10,000 fine when possessing between five and 25 pounds of marijuana in the state.

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